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Bridal dresses South Wales
Wedding dresses South Wales
Wedding dress shop South Wales

who are we?

Built on the belief that every bride deserves to feel nothing less than extraordinary when
picking their dress, we opened our bridal haven in 2020 to make that dream a reality for as many people as possible.

This is your place. Your space. To be who you are. To look and feel incredible, and to find the wedding dress that makes you feel all of that and more.

We live and breathe what we do, which is why we go above and beyond to create an experience that feels as luxurious and exclusive as possible for every bride and bridal party we meet. It’s all about you from the moment you walk through our door and we want you to feel your most epic self at all times (just don’t forget to bring your slippers)!

We love to champion all of the different, unique and individual sides of who you are, and who we are too, so we can create a day and an experience you will remember forever, topped off by finding the dress that’s made for your moment.

It starts with a dress, but for us it’s so much more than that.



inside and out

Together, with our little extended High Society family, we’ll see you, hear you, connect with you, laugh with you, cry with you and champion you, to make sure you feel all the feels.





We’re a Mother and Daughter with a vision. And a big mission. It all started with a dream, back in 2019 when the prestigious local bridal boutique closed its doors, but we could see the potential. Some people thought we were mad, but we knew what this could become, what we could create, and bringing the vision to life quickly became non-negotiable.

to the family

We’re a Mother and Daughter with a vision. And a big mission. It all started with a dream, back in 2019 when the prestigious local bridal boutique closed its doors, but we could see the potential. Some people thought we were mad, but we knew what this could become, what we could create, and bringing the vision to life quickly became non-negotiable.

We now live and breathe High Society!

We’ve been inseparable from day one, but this journey has brought us even closer. We speak on the way to work and on the way home, even if we’ve just spent the whole day together, and we champion each other’s opinions at all times. That family vibe is so important to us and because we’re so similar in what we believe and our desire to achieve we’ve created something beyond our wildest dreams.

But even though we said yes to the shop in 2019 this still feels like just the start.

From our launch on January 25th 2020, to opening the bridal lounge the following month, and surviving lockdown, we’ve grown, we’ve learned and we’ve navigated our way through just about every obstacle possible to feel stronger and more determined than ever.

Most importantly, we’ve listened, evolved and crafted everything we do to create the best, most incredible experience for so many brides. We welcomed another mother and daughter, Karen and Natalia to the team, followed by Ceri when Natalia went on maternity leave, and our latest addition Sarah, who is a wedding planning Queen, extending the family even further.

Hi! I’m Natalie and I’m obsessed with all things bridal. Before opening this dream haven I was a wedding coordinator and I LOVED it. I think it’s because I am a self confessed control freak! But now I’m at the beginning of the journey rather than the end and I just love to make special memories every day. Aside from the bridal lounge, another dream came true when I had my very own little girl ‘Lula.’ She’s already a huge personality and has so far been brought up in the boutique, we hope she loves dresses as much as the rest of us do. I’ll be the one bringing all the energy to your appointment as I believe everything in life should be fun but I’m also well known as an ugly crier so if you are going to have a moment, I’ll be the first to share it with you!

Wedding dress shop South Wales



Wedding dress shop South Wales

meet sue

Hi! I’m Sue and High Society has become my life. The girls would say I can talk the hind legs off a donkey and LOVE chatting to our brides and their families about their plans. Although much of my role is behind the scenes, you’ll often see me decorating the shop with our many floral decorations and I’m the one keeping this amazing ship sailing. TwoHatLadies is my baby and where this all began for us. I adore finding the perfect finishing touch for mum’s outfit, it means I get to reminisce about my own experiences as mother of the bride and groom. Such a special time for mums. As a self-confessed magpie, I’m very much ‘more is more’ with everything, it can never be too much! Having two granddaughters recently has taken up much of my time and I can’t wait to bring them on the High Society journey, in the hope they may be a part of this one day.



With over 13 years experience, Karen joined us very early on when we first opened. Having worked for the previous owners she’s basically part of the High Society furniture now. As a mum of four, with three of them being girls, her experience means she really knows how to make brides feel super confident in their own skin, making sure they’re always ready to strut down the aisle. There’s always lots of laughter, hugs and tears and it’s often Karen herself, when she's helping brides to really see how incredible they look. Karen loves to join you in a glass of celebratory fizz, although don't be alarmed if you blink and she's finished hers, we’re used to her speedy drinking now!!!


Beautiful inside and out, the face of High Society and basically Natalie’s work wife! Affectionately known as dumb and dumber, Natalie and Natalia have been thick as thieves since Natalia started with us and Natalie doesn’t go anywhere far without her. Most of you will have already seen her on social media, she’s our insta reel queen and there aren’t many dresses this girl can’t wear!!! The baby of the gang, she actually has her own gorgeous baby Lorenzo now, so even though she’s with us part time, she’s always in the boutique. She hates it if we’ve had new dresses in and she isn't the first to try them on - she's like a kid at Christmas when new stock arrives and ALWAYS provides us with the giggles!


From the moment we met Ceri we knew she was the perfect fit. A customer actually came in mid-interview and asked for her opinion on a hat, Ceri gave her opinion and told her that she was actually in the middle of her interview!!! The customer told us to give her the job on the spot! Ceri is a real people person who loves to talk - she’s a hundred miles an hour, very organised and is a bundle of energy. It’s as if she’s always been with us & we’d be lost without her! She runs off coffee, so don’t be alarmed if you see her racing round the boutique, she can’t sit still she’s too full of caffeine. She’s our Prom Queen as well as our admin queen, so if you call or email, Ceri will be at the other end!!!


Sarah is our newest part-time addition to the team and has fitted in perfectly. Natalie and Sarah actually met whilst in hospital beds next to each other whilst pregnant and bonded over a snoring mum to be, who was keeping them awake. Sarah is obsessed with organising, and since her own wedding has developed a wedding planning document that is a must have for all new brides to be. A self confessed wedding planning Queen, Sarah’s enthusiasm for all things weddings has been the perfect fit for the team. Inside joke, Sarah’s a little short for our high rails, so you may have to help her get the dresses down, ha!!!



creating extraordinary moments

for real brides, and we would love to be part of your journey.